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Today’s Reading:

Revelation 12:7-12a

“The great dragon was hurled down- that ancient snake called the Devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” (v. 9)


John, who is the author of the book of revelation wrote from a heavenly viewpoint in explaining that spiritual warfare broke out in the heavenly real which involved the archangel. The great dragon (also known as Devil, Satan) was cast down in the spiritual realm. Before Jesus came into the world, Satan controlled the world by the power of his deception. However, beginning with the ministry of Jesus, Jesus’ redemptive words and works have cast Satan and his forces down from their control over all humanity of the world (Revelation 20:1-6). Those who hear and believe the gospel is not under the deceptive control of Satan. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, he signalled the resurrection of all men at the end of time. When Jesus ascended to the right hand of God, He became king and head over all things for the sake of the church (Ephesians 1:20-22).

Every aspect of Jesus’ redemptive work was against Satan in order to cast him down. John’s visions show that Satan was defeated on earth by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Satan’s power in the heavenly realm was defeated by Jesus’ ascension to the right of the Father to receive kingdom reign over all things. This vision actually symbolizes a conflict that raged since the Garden of Eden but came to its climax with the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. The conflict simply carries on with Satan’s attack against the spiritual seedling of the Lamb, that is, the church. Satan lost the battle against the seed at Calvary and the garden tomb. He now thinks he can win the battle against the sons of the kingdom of the seed.

As a child of God, you must understand that you are fighting in victory and not for victory because Jesus has given us the victory at Calvary, but you must do everything possible under God’s grace to maintain and retain your victory in Jesus as his coming is fast approaching but if you are not born again, you are fighting for victory, and you cannot win this battle by your own strength. Why not come to the master today, so that you can access the victory?




  1. Every battle from the pit of hell against my salvation in Christ, lose your hold in Jesus name

  2. No matter how fierce the battle is, I shall not be a victim rather a victor in Christ in Jesus name.

  3. Every life still fighting with their canal strength, let the mighty hand of the Lord locate them in Jesus name

  4. Everyone under the chains and shackles of demons, I declare your freedom today in Jesus name.

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