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Revelation 20:1-4,11,21:2; Psalm 84:3-8; Luke 21: 29-33


It all Begins with Life - We often speak of the four last things: death, judgement, heaven and hell. But we cannot speak of these without speaking of life. You ought to have lived your life and lived it well in order to have a favourable judgement and a worthwhile eternity. What does it mean to live well and be happy? Happiness is a Walk. The Psalmist gives us the key to a happy life when he says: “They are happy, whose strength is in you (God). They walk with ever-growing strength.” Where does your strength come from? Our help comes from God; our help is God Himself. Those who have God for their strength have a walk.

Theirs is a walk of grace. What is this walk of Grace? The walk of grace is to praise God first, respect others next and take care of yourself. To praise God is to acknowledge who He is in Your life and express it in every way. Our praise goes directly to God. No prayer is as powerful as praise. You praise God when you call on Him at the beginning, during the course of and at the end of each day. Do nothing without first submitting it to God for approval in prayers. Seek the advice of your spiritual director too. The second part of this walk involves respect for others. You cannot claim a relationship with God when you disregard others. Respect for family members, your spouse and legitimate authority are ways we validate our walk of grace. To show disrespect for others is to show disrespect for God.

There is one more thing. Take care of Yourself. I cannot say this enough. A big part of walking with grace is taking time out to take care of yourself. No human person knows your needs better than you. From the little you earn, give yourself a treat. Buy yourself a new dress or pair of shoes, a cup of ice cream. If there is something you want to eat, buy it and eat it. Sleep well and let your body recover. Do not worry about anything you cannot control. Just do something different for yourself. Your work will always present you with stress.

You will always have bills to pay or family members to cater for but make sure that you fulfil God’s command: pray for your daily bread and eat some of it. Why is this important? How You Shall be Judged? When the Book of Life is opened and the book of your life is opened, you will be judged on one criterion: did you love God and others as you love yourself? You need to love yourself first and then love others just as much (refer to what I said above about praise and respect for God and neighbour). I pray that your answer on the day of judgement is a full-chested “Yes”. Make it a point of duty to love yourself daily as you walk with God.




  1. Lord, I praise you for all that you have been to me, in Jesus name.

  2. I place myself and all that I care about into Your loving hands, in Jesus name.

  3. Guide my thoughts that I may not stray, in Jesus name.

  4. Guide my words that they may speak blessings at all times, in Jesus name.

  5. Guide my actions and let them give glory to Your name every day, in Jesus name.

  6. Let me only offer that which is worthy of You, in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Father, fill the body of Christ with Your love to overflow, in Jesus name.

  8. Fill our leaders with Your love to overflow, in Jesus name.

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