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Today’s Readings:

Psalm 66:8-20;

Genesis 8:13-19;

John 14: 27-29


It is in the system of God to make life good for his children. It is only God who can separate fussed substances – nobody identifies wicked people from mere seeing but God knows bad from evil. In the process of separating bad from the good to put apart wicked ones from godly children, lives may go for it. God kills and brings to life, God builds and destroys, he demotes and elevates. God has a way to reshuffle the entire nations of the world; when He does that, He conceives, He selects some spirit-filled and godly personalities to re-start and to carry out His own personal plan from the entire cosmos.

At the time of reshuffling and separation, there is no mercy, there is no compassion – He removes the unplanted from the planted plants to grow. Jesus Christ did not hesitate to curse a fig tree that looks greenish and flourishing – the tree wore a look like a productive one but fruitless. The tree demonstrated deception and hypocrisy – Christ stopped the tree from existing to disturb the good one to live. No farmer has compassion for trees at the pruning process – there are branches that look good and healthy, but farmers cut them apart to allow the vine producing the better ones.

Anyone who by God’s prerogative of mercy escapes the cutting apart process of the pruning must engage in an effective praise as covenant to adore Jehovah God. The effective use of God’s spiritual gifts in the lives of God’s children is another way to bring new world out of the one shuffled away.




  1. God, help me to escape this darkened system of the world in order to enter into the plan of your system, in Jesus name.

  2. God do not let me be wiped away with this sinful world, in Jesus name.

  3. God, cause my mouth to burst into a new song, in Jesus name.

  4. God, let your salvation capture the whole world, in Jesus name.

  5. God, replace the system of this world with your governance, in Jesus name.

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