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No Resurrection! No Message!


Today’s Reading:

1 Corinthians 15:12-20

“And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is you faith.”

(v. 14)


Resurrection is the historical event whereby Jesus came back from physical death to newness of life with a glorified body. The bodily resurrection of Jesus is one of the central tenets of the Christian faith. It validates the claim that Jesus is both Lord and Christ. Although, the enemies of Christ deny it, however, Christ indeed resurrected. If Christ had not resurrected, it means; Easter story is lie v.13,16; Gospel preaching is useless v.14a; Gospel preachers are all liars v.15; The living believers trust in God is empty, worthless, useless and hopeless v.14b; There can be no forgiveness for sin v.17; Believers are the most miserable of all creatures v.19; Believers who died are forever dead never to rise again.

However, we give glory to God that Christ story did not end in the grave. He resurrected and is alive not to die again. The resurrection story is the basis for our message. It is comforting to know that believers who died in Christ shall rise again. It also serves as enough encouragement to believers not to be slothful, but to continue to do his best in God's service because one day his labour shall be rewarded. When last did you preach His redeeming love to the world? The basis of our hope in Christ is Christ resurrection. Let us go and preach Him to the world.



1. Father let life be restored into whatever is considered dead in our family, in

Jesus name.

2. Father visit every Christian home with your transforming power, in Jesus


3. Father, in your majesty, let me experience newness in every area of my life,

in Jesus name.

4. Father let your church experience your resurrection power, in Jesus name.

5. Father arise in your power and scatter your enemies in Nigeria, in Jesus


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