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Impossibility Specialist


Today’s Reading:

Genesis 18: 1-14

“Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed, I will return unto thee according to the time of life and Sarah shall have a son.” (v. 14)


Benjamin Solomon Carson is an American politician, public servant, author and former neurosurgeon. He was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. As a pioneer in neurosurgery, Carson’s achievements include performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head performing the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb. Carson came into limelight because he did the impossible. In the medical world before that time nobody had done a successful operation on Siamese twins, but Carson did it. If a man can do what seems impossible, what of our Almighty God?

God can be called the impossibility specialist. He has done it, still doing it and will do what people say it is impossible. In our passage, Sarah was around Eighty-nine years old, physically, and biologically, it was impossible for her to give birth. That was why she laughed when the message came. She could not see her situation from God’s perspective. She had reached the end of her rope and her statement was it is over.

Friends, what situation are you in. Medical experts may give their verdict but that is not God’s verdict. Is anything too hard for the LORD? Have you lost your joy, house, property, family, children or what a view? Will you go on our knees right now and approach the throne of grace with confidence? Your case is not over. You can still laugh, wipe away your tears. I congratulate you because another season has unfolded in your life. You are rising again. No more pain! Sicknesses and diseases are cursed. You are more than conqueror. Hallelujah!


Prayer Points:

1. Thank you, Lord, because my days of mourning are over in Jesus name

2. I pull off garment of shame, debt, sickness, disease today, let the fire of

God consume them

3. I put on garment of glory in the name of Jesus

4. May the Lord visit depressed souls around me in Jesus name

5. Let there be peace in our nation in Jesus name.

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