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Today’s Reading:

PSALM 126; ISA. 43:1-7, PHILL. 2:19-24.


Perfect restructuring and restoration is done by God alone. There are shattered and ruined lives that have no hope of doing good again – they have been rejected and shimmed in the society, they cannot relate with people in the society since they are not accepted to come to their midst. These set of people see themselves as outcasts – some of them had taken it as their destine which is not so in God’s plan for them.

This is likened to the experience of the people of Israel, but it was very glaring that sin caused what they experienced and as soon as they realized it and come to God, He restores them to their place of enjoyment. One must not accept ugly situation – if he does, he remains like that for the remaining span of his life. The only way out of that ugly situations is to realize the wrong done and to come back to God with remorseful heart – they are renewing allegiance with God and never plan or think of going back to that mess again. The later life of people that God restores is enjoyable and beautiful than the former because it is God who does things perfectly – He brings hope to the hopeless and redesigns lives that do not worth living. Ugly experience may not necessarily cause by sin, it may be a way of redesigning and polish one’s life. Job was a good example of this. After ill-experiences, he was restored in two folds by God (Job 42:10).




  1. My Father do not let me be swept away by the unpleasant situation I experienced, in Jesus name.

  2. My Father, deliver those ones who are tired of life because of what they experience, in Jesus name.

  3. Our Mighty God, silent every harassment of Satan in the lives of your children in the nations of the world, in Jesus name

  4. Father, increase faith of your people in every area, in Jesus name.

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