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Psalm 133:




Many lives are not breaking through because the destiny of a man that should have set them on track is still in the mash. Destiny of a man that should have raised others up to shine in life has been pegged and locked down to a spot. Some people envy someone’s destiny, not knowing that if anything bad happens to that life their own destiny is in mess – it cannot stand to shine. Many people would have gone far but because of the evil they did to another person whose destiny would be of help to them, they remain on a spot. Some people are suffering, some businesses remain undeveloped, and some graduates are carrying their certificates around without good jobs because someone whose destiny is attached to theirs is not in good condition. Some people fight their destiny helpers – they do evil to someone who can help them to realize the channel that will connect their success.

A destiny helper is a ladder that can catapult destinies to higher level; unfortunately, the ladder has been thrown from the standing wall. They are moving the ladder that would have lifted them up while struggling to get to the top. Some people do not see anything good in another person’s life – they throw them to the trash not knowing that it is where their success lies. The Bible says, do good to all men especially the household of faith – nobody goes far if there is nobody around him or her.

King David did come back home victoriously from any battle he went but there were warriors who were destined to his victory among the warriors of Israel. One of them was Uriah a patriotic soldier whose death was engineered by David and after that, the peace he enjoyed in his family disappeared – Absalom killed Manor, Absalom slept with David’s wives and many havocs began to roll-in in his family. Do not puncture the balloon. Though it may be fragile or flexible, it can keep you afloat in the ocean. Therefore, make friendship with others as they may be of help to you some time someday as long as they are children of God.




  1. God, protect my life to save others that come to my life.

  2. God, protect any man whose destiny is connected to mine.

  3. God, lift up a man whose destiny has thrown to trash to deliver this nation.

  4. God, save lives that have been lured to do evil.

  5. God, help me to represent you to bring better life to people around me and beyond.

  6. Abba Father, in your mercy, take charge and guide our children, youths and young adults aright, in Jesus name.

  7. Lord, unite the body of Christ to boldly proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ in love, in Jesus name.

  8. Father, grant our leaders love, listening ears and the fear of You to lead us aright, in Jesus name.

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