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Today’s Reading:

Date: Numbers 27:1-11

“And thou shall speak unto the children of Israel, saying, if a man dies and have no son, then ye shall cause his inheritance to pass unto his daughters.” (Numbers 27:8)


It appears as if some cultures of the world have some reservations for female. Some are even terrible that they never allow women or female children have access to good things of life. It is not an exception among the Jews. An average male Jew always thanks God that he is not a female. Even in the scriptures, males are more mentioned than female. But can we say God doesn’t have plans for female or they are second class citizens? The answer is No. It’s obvious from the Bible about God’s plans for all mankind.

The passage above is one of the uncommon stories in the scriptures. Daughters of Zelophehad took a bold step and went to the men of God (Moses and Eleazer). They didn’t go to them to fight or rebel, rather they asked a vital question. “Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family, because he hath no son?” It’s obvious that before that time some female children didn’t have access to land because their father died without a son, a son is a key to possessing a land among the Jews. Without a son, your portion is given to another person. May be some generations before them only murmured and complained without asking the right question. The daughters of Zelophehad asked the right question and once you ask the right question you are likely to get the right answer. After asking the question, they went ahead to make a request; “give unto us therefore a possession among the brethren of our father” verse 4b.

They challenged the status quo. Status quo is the state or fact of being the way things usually are. It is only a fool that will keep doing the same things and expect different results. They took a bold step without considering some side discouragements. Their case was taken to God, and it was divinely approved. They broke the jinx; they changed the old and unfavourable state of things and they laid solid foundations for generations to come.

Is there any stubborn, pathetic and age long problem in your generation? People that have gone ahead believed that nothing can change about it. But let me announce to you that things can change for the better and it will change now if only you can do the two things Zelophehad daughters did. They asked the right question and made a request. Dig deep into your lineage through questions and take it to God in prayers, determine that you will not give up until the status quo changes. Victory is ascertained in Jesus’ name. (Philippians 4:13).

Shall we pray!




  1. Oh Lord, help me to discover my generational problems through physical and spiritual inquiry, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Every strong negative status quo in my generation affecting my destiny, be wasted today, in Jesus’ name.

  3. My story and that of my family must change for good now, in Jesus’ name

  4. I challenge every challenger in my generation, by the power in the blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.

  5. Every evil status quo waging war against the Church, and this nation, what are you waiting for, die, in Jesus’ name.

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