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Today’s Reading:

Revelation 14:6-11


The account in Revelation 14 from verse 6 talks about an Angel leaving Heaven to come to the earth to preach the gospel to the inhabitants of the earth. A second Angel followed with the proclamation that Babylon had fallen. What does Babylon represent?

  1. Witchcraft.  There is an epidemic of witchcraft in our land today and all over the world. Witchcraft is wreaking havoc in many communities. Witchcraft has permeated every facet of human existence, in such areas as the movie industry, entertainment, etc. Witchcraft is also responsible for a lot of blood-letting in many communities.

  2. Immorality (sexual and all other forms of hedonistic behaviour). The level of moral decadence, especially among our youths, has gotten to an alarming level. It is the spirit of Babylon. Sexual Immorality is at an all-time high. Babylon Spirit is responsible for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) practices.

  3. Idolatry.  The 2nd Angel that proclaimed that Babylon had fallen gave the reason for the proclamation. Babylon has been made to drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Fornication here, talks of idol worship. The idols here come in various forms:

  • Molded objects

  • Wealth

  • Fashion

  • Beauty

  • Ostentatious lifestyle

As we are drawing close to the end of the age, we need to pause to take stock of our lives to ensure that we are still on the right path with God. Nations have been led away from worshipping the true God. This also includes all kinds of religious practices that lead to idol worship. The Spirit of Babylon will make many people including lukewarm Christians miss the rapture. Missing the rapture means risking taking the mark of the beast which the 3rd Angel was talking about.

So, my dear brethren, no matter what you are going through, you must hold on to God and do not waver. God will come through for you at the right time in Jesus' name. But if you have not given your life to our Lord Jesus Christ, you need to go down on your knees, ask for forgiveness, and ask Jesus to come into your life and take absolute control of your life. If you are already deviating from the right path, ask the Lord for forgiveness. There's an eminent judgment on the spirit of Babylon and the practioners as mentioned above. Therefore, escape for your life!

                                                                                    VICTOR ABASSAH



  1. Father Lord, I ask for forgiveness of every sin I have committed, knowingly or unknowingly in the name of Jesus

  2. Blood of Jesus, purge my life of every sinful nature in the name of Jesus

  3. Works of the flesh in my life, be extinguished in the name of Jesus

  4. I uproot out of my life, every seed of hellfire in the name of Jesus

  5. Holy Spirit come upon me, power of the Most High, overshadow my life in the name of Jesus

  6. We bind and cast out the spirit of Babylon from the Church in the name of Jesus

  7. Babylonian spirit controlling our nation die in the name of Jesus

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