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Today’s Readings:

Psalm 33:1-12; Gen. 14:17-24; Acts 28:1-10


It is somewhat good and great to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Most High God. God does not do what man can do – he only does what the capacity of man is not qualified to do. Anytime something great that is beyond human reasoning is done, because it is marvellous in the sight of man – the praises from the depth of man must spring up and direct only to God. Man must take extra caution so that he would not direct God’s glory to human beings. This error is easily committed because the great work God performed is done by using a man, if other fellow humans see him instead of God misplacement of honour and gratitude have taken place.

The position of Yahweh God must be identified in any success recorded by man. There is nothing good man is capable of doing if it is not granted by God. John the Baptist said, there is no one received except it is given from above (divine) (John 3:27). It is always in the heart of God to do great things that will pull the attention of man to Him, this is to acknowledge Hi lordship. It always pleases God to prove what he is to man (Psalm 103:7) in order to call their attention to him and to direct this attention away from Satan.

Singing praises from the depth of one’s heart is one of the ways to acknowledge the goodness of God. Praising God through one’s possession (substance) is another pattern of acknowledging God’s protection – just as Abraham did. Abraham did this to appreciate and acknowledge the sovereignty of God as he protects His adherents.




  1. God, prove your lordship in my life so that people will see you through my life.

  2. God, do what no man cannot do so that my life will be full of testimony.

  3. God, give me a new song.

  4. God, protect my life to safeguard the Gospel of Christ.

  5. God, let your lordship be seen through the mission work of your children.

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