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Today’s Reading:

Ps 143; 1Kgs 17:17-24; Acts 20:7-1


Have you ever been faced with a challenge that you truly felt hopeless and useless? Have you ever been head on with a challenge and you gave up because you were tired of holding up? Did you ever get to a point where you decided or thought you could not go on or bear any more of the frustration on you? It is human to feel so. We are sometimes faced with challenges and very unpleasant difficulties of life that question our very own essence. And believers are not exempted from these experiences. Sometimes believers are pushed to ask themselves where is this God? Does He see my sufferings and pains? In 1 Kings 17:18, the widow looked at the prophet and asked him “what have I to do with you”, at one point or the other, we might have asked God this same question from the center of our pains and sufferings. From the center of our pains, we question our faith and God because of course, the pains truly seem like it would not go just like the widow of Zarephath who thought her child was gone. It really felt like help was not going to come. Her dead child was lying there, it felt her sins and inefficiencies were hunting her like it hunts us today.

But just like Prophet Elijah said to her “give me thy son”: The Lord is telling you to give Him your son, that sickness, that poverty, that frustration because God is going to help you just like He helped the widow of Zarephath. The Lord help those that in humility, acknowledge that he can help them. So cry to him today like the Psalmist did in Psalm 143, keep looking up to the Hills from where comes our help.

Know that:

  1. Challenges will always come and will be round about you, but it won’t overpower you( Psalm 91:7-12).

  2. Challenges are meant to make us stronger, smarter and vibrant for God (Joshua 1:9, Deu 31:6-8).

  3. If you faint in the days of challenges , your faith is weak (Prov 24:10).

  4. The Lord is in the hills waiting for you to look up to Him and call for His help (Psalm 121:1).

  5. If the Lord takes good care of the birds, tress, flowers, fishes, He will take better care of you ( Matt 6:26-27).

  6. The Lord is mindful about you and he is deliberate about the challenges you are going through (Psalm 103:11).




  1. Father give strength that I will not faint in the days of trouble, in Jesus name. Amen

  2. O Lord help me to always look up to the hills from where comes my help, in Jesus name.

  3. O Lord remove every of my secret cry and let there be healing in every area of my life that needs healing, in Jesus name. Amen

  4. O Lord remove fear from Your Church and help us to always look up to You for solutions, in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Everything that looks like a limiting factor in our nation Nigeria, we command you to leave the way, in Jesus name. Amen.

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