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Today’s Reading:


No one spoke like Jesus. He approached the grave of a man who had died four days earlier and said with confidence that he was not dead but sleeping. And to prove it, he called the dead man to come forth like you would call your friend who had gone indoors to hurry up and come out.

Everyone believed that Lazarus was dead, but the son of God showed up at that hopeless hour and decided to ‘’quicken the dead’’ and called the things that were not as though they were (Romans4:17). Lazarus came forth not as a sick man with rotten body, but he came out healthy and complete. God commuted his death sentence to sleep sentence- after he had already died! What a wonderful God?

What sentence has life passed on you? What pronouncement has men made on your life? What curse are you labouring under? I tell you today, if God calls you blessed, anyone who calls you cursed is just showcasing his ignorance. You are who He says you are, and you must start agreeing with God today.

Your business can live again, your marriage can come out of the grave after years of death. It is not too late. God will receive greater glory over your life, finances, marriage, education, and all that concerns you because He has the final say.

Get into the word of God and find out God’s opinion about the matter on your mind. What He says is the final. You must open your mouth and begin to say what He said about you.



  1. Father I thank you because all your plans for me are good and not of evil, in Jesus name.

  2. Oh! Lord, I refuse to agree with the works of evil against my life, in Jesus name.

  3. Oh! Lord, I agree with your word for my life today, in Jesus name.

  4. Oh! Lord, let everyone working in your church know you through the revelation of your word, in Jesus name

  5. I declare the verdict of God’s peace over this Nation, in Jesus name

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