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Today’s Reading:

ACTS 14:1-7

“But they found out about this and fled to Lustra and Debra's Lycaonian cities and to the surrounding countries.“ (v. 6)


I laughed sarcastically the first time I read in the bible about Elijah running up and down because of a woman called Jezebel (1 King 19:1-5). Damn it! How can Elijah, a mighty prophet of the Lord, be scared off by a woman after killing hundreds of dreadful fake prophets without lifting his hands to punch them? That to me is cowardice until I understood that sometimes retreating is wisdom and maybe the will of God. A man who runs from nothing dies for nothing. Christians are God's people, and the preacher of the gospel is God sent. Therefore, he is expected to go all-out preaching the gospel and, with all boldness bringing them into repentance to Christ, who has cheerfully died for everyone, including the worst sinner.

However, just as Christ has warned that the world who hated Him will also hate them (John 15:18), it is left for Christians to know what to do whenever they face heated hatred, especially when it is life-threatening. In the text for consideration, Paul and Barnabas have been preaching, converting the heart of the Jews to the Lord's side. However, just as Jesus predicted, hatred began to gather among some sections of the Jews, and they were planning to maltreat and stone them to death. Unfortunately, the Apostles got to know about this plot, and rather than staying put, they ran for their lives. Retreating from the danger zone is wisdom, except God says otherwise. Christians and their preachers must understand that they cannot choose to die out of ignorance. In the face of any threat to life, the best and first defensive action may be to retreat to a safe place, just as the apostles did.

At least no one will be judged as a sinner for being careful and taking safety precautions. Except there is what is worthy to die for, there is no need to die. The apostle all died only when there was a worthwhile reason to die.




  1. Father, thank You for the gift of sleeping and waking, in Jesus name.

  2. Father, if I am not in your plan for my life at this season, move me to the center of Your plan for my life, in Jesus name.

  3. Affliction shall not rise up the second time in my life, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, uproot anything You did not plant in Your Church, and revive Your Pentecostal fire and power, in Jesus name.

  5. O Lord arise in Your might and break with Your iron rod, every power of oppression in our nation, in Jesus name.

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