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Today’s Readings:

Genesis 21:5,8-20

Psalm 34:7-8,10-13

Matthew 8:28-34


A popular African saying goes, “The sky is vast enough for all birds to fly without colliding.” This simply means that we can all become successful in life without having to ruin the genuine success of others. To sabotage others is an act of savagery and a lack of civilisation. This is a translation of the fundamental Christian commandment: love your neighbour as you love yourself. How are we to do this?

We are called to wish others well and support them as they strive to attain their purpose. Being Christian does not grant you immunity from envy and jealousy. Sometimes, you will find yourself angry at the good fortune of others. Sarah was uncomfortable and insecure in having Hagar and Ishmael around. She feared that her son would have to share his inheritance with a slave girl’s son. This was the same girl she pushed into her husband’s hands for fear that God will not honour His promise and give her a child. We have to realise that we can become manipulative and keep people around so long as we can use them to attain our goals. Every person you meet has been put in your life for a specific purpose; it is up to you to find out why and leave them better than you met them. At the least, let them breathe.

Be like Jesus in the way you relate with others. Let your good spirit comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. You are light by virtue of the spirit of God dwelling in you. It is in the nature of light to shine. And when light shines in darkness, those who thrive in darkness feel threatened. But those who have sought the light will be consoled. Jesus’ presence in the country of the Gadarenes brought about a new order. Two demoniacs were liberated from spiritual oppression while the town’s people were fearful of what Jesus’ presence might mean for them. Note that Jesus did not insist on staying when they asked Him to leave. God will never impose goodness on you no matter how profitable it might be. You should never impose your goodness on others either. If they see your true value, it is to their advantage. If not, feel free to walk away. In the same way, you have to freely choose God and invite Him in your heart. If you give yourself the opportunity to encounter God, your life and those you are connected to will never remain the same.




  1. Lord, heal me of selfishness and a feeling of entitlement.

  2. Help me to step out of the shadows of self-absorption and be of service to those you have placed in my life.

  3. Bless them all and make me a blessing to everyone you have placed in my life, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  4. May the light of God's presence order your steps today.

  5. You shall receive grace to do exploits and win many people over to the kingdom of God.

  6. Your light shall never grow dim and your days shall be long and sweet in Jesus name. Amen

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