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Today’s Readings:

Revelation 4:1-11; Psalm 150:1-6; Luke 19:11-28


Heaven is our final destination. It will be a fun place for those who spend their time on earth doing “heavenly” things. Contrary to popular opinion, holiness is not just for the poor and obscure. Today’s saint gives us second thought. She is none other than St. Margaret of Scotland.

Create a Holy Homely Atmosphere

St. Margaret was an English princess born in Hungary to Princess Agatha of Hungary and English Prince Edward the Exile around 1045. She was later married to Malcolm Canmore III, the King of Scotland. Together, they had eight children, six sons and two daughters. All of whom were raised with deep Catholic faith. They lived as a holy family, a domestic church. Are you trying daily to make your home a place of holy love (whether you are single or married)?

Humble and Useful

Margaret's kind-nature and good heart was a strong influence on Malcolm's reign. She softened his temper and helped him become a virtuous King of Scotland. Together they prayed, fed the hungry, and offered a powerful example of living faith in action. Margaret was placed in charge of all domestic affairs and was often consulted with state matters as well. She promoted the arts and education in Scotland. She encouraged Church synods and was involved in efforts to correct the religious abuses involving Bishops, priests and laypeople. For all these, she was hailed as, "The Pearl of Scotland." If you are humble and resourceful, you will capture hearts for God.

What Truly Matters

She was well-known for her deep life of prayer and piety. She set aside specific times for prayer and to read Scripture. She helped to build churches, including the Abbey of Dunfermline, where a relic of the true Cross is kept. She lived holiness of life as a wife, mother and lay woman—truly in love with Jesus Christ. In 1250, Pope Innocent IV canonized her as a Saint, acknowledging her life of holiness and extraordinary virtue. No matter how busy you become, create time to be with God. That is all that will matter in the end.

Be Shaped by the Gospel

Saint John’s vision of heaven highlights those beautiful things which St Margaret both enjoyed and took consolation in while on earth: the glorious hope of seeing heaven, immaculate garments of virtue, the power of the Holy Spirit, the four living creatures which symbolize the Gospels (our rule of life), heavenly beings praising God in the words we hear whenever we come to Mass. Heaven will welcome those who have lived their lives on earth doing God’s will. Are you doing what God has placed you in the world to do?




  1. Father help me to take advantage of the unique situation of my life to both work out my salvation and build up an army for God’s kingdom, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Father Lord give me the strength, wisdom and grace to live out each day in love and service to God, in Jesus’ name.

  3. Father, pull down the stronghold, and destroy every power oppressing my life and family through dreams, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Father, let Your power and ability to live a holy and righteous live come upon the body of Christ, in Jesus name.

  5. Father, by Your mighty power, break the powers compromising the security of our nation, in Jesus’ name.

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