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Today’s Reading:

Mark 8:27-30

And he said unto them, But whom say ye that l am? And Peter answereth and said unto him, Thou art the Christ” (v. 29, AKJV)


The disciples have been walking with Christ for some time and they have different opinions about who Jesus is. Possibly some of them know him as one who is mighty, a miracle worker, a unique teacher etc. But as much as those names are good and Jesus manifested them, none of those names actually captured the totality of what Jesus has come to do and his entire personality.

At every juncture of our lives, we need to ask correct questions so as to get correct answers. Jesus asked the disciples two-in-one question. Who do men say that l am? That was how people see Jesus. This question is quite easy to answer. One can quickly say what others think or said about the master without thinking twice. Likewise, in the case of the disciples, some likened Jesus to John the baptizer, Elijah or one of the prophets. The people missed it and failed woefully. It was a wrong identity they gave to Jesus. They ranked Jesus among the prophets. Though he is a prophet but more than a prophet.

The second question was personal and particular. There is no way of escape in answering this question. For one to answer this question, he must have had an encounter with the Creator of the heavens and earth. There must have been a revelation beyond humanity. If people are saying these, who do you say that l am? Hmmm, powerful question. I am sure the disciples would have paused for a while and looked at one another in the face, that what is this ‘Oga’ asking us, now! None of them could answer except Peter. Peter said you are the Christ. That was an outstanding revelation not given by man but God. Jesus made a declaration that would forever be reckoned with. You are Peter and upon this rock, l will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

At this point, permit me to ask you that same question, who is Jesus to you? Until you get a proper understanding of that question and corresponding answer then you cannot say you belong to Christ. People give different names to Christ today due to various experiences, some call him a miracle worker because of the miracle they experienced but beyond that, Is Christ your Saviour and Lord? Until he becomes your Saviour and Lord, any other name you give him due to your experience cannot take you to heaven. Are you ready for a revelation that brings about change in your life? Then accept him as your Saviour and Lord. Shall we pray!



  1. May my understanding of Jesus never be shallow, in Jesus name.

  2. Oh Lord, reveal yourself to me in a unique way, that will leave a lasting impact and impression upon my life, in Jesus name.

  3. For as many who lack that revelation in Your Church, Lord reveals yourself to them, in Jesus name.

  4. Let the covenant blood of Jesus Christ speak for and work the community of Faith in this nation, and land, in Jesus name.

  5. Our Father, with Your fire and Your power, pass through the camp of the enemies of this nation, this land with affliction and drain their wicked and evil anointing, in Jesus name.

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