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Today’s Readings:

Wisdom 2:1,12-22

Psalm 34:16,18,19-21,23

John 7:1-2,10,25-30


WHAT IS SUFFERING? Suffering is the discomfort of soul that comes from the presence of evil and the absence of good. In both readings today we see that suffering can be caused by people (not just village people) who neither fear God nor respect their fellow man. The Book of Wisdom shows the active scheming of people who feel threatened by the godly lifestyle of the righteous. Jesus also came under threat of death because of his utterances and works and had to move about quietly.

Yet, he showed up publicly from time to time because the work of God must continue despite the plot of evil people. How do we detect the presence of evil?

  • Evil is everyone or everything that threatens your relationship with God (often they come disguised as "friends" );

  • Evil is your decision to act out of selfishness instead of considering how your actions will affect others;

  • Evil is seen in unjust laws that favour some people and discriminates against others on grounds of ethnicity, faith, gender and social status;

  • Evil is the work of those who make living conditions unbearable for others so that they turn to humiliating and dehumanizing activities in order to survive;

  • Evil is every idea which seeks to relegate God to the background in socio-political life;

  • Evil actively haunts down people whose ideas are opposed to the evil agenda of the day, restricting their freedom of self-expression and free association;

  • Evil is seen in our distrust for people based on biases formed from unverified sources;

  • Evil is every agency of division;

  • Evil is keeping silent in the face of such evils.

SUFFERING PERSISTS because good people remain silent in the face of evil, for fear of losing their lives. Remember that although Jesus was in danger of death, he did not stop doing God’s work. Death is always eminent. We can never wish it or pray it away. We should fear living under an evil regime more than dying for what we believe. Cowardice is not a virtue. But knowing when to speak and when to be silent is very important. So how do you fight evil and end suffering?

  • Do not be afraid to be known for your goodness;

  • Be consistent in doing what is good no matter what others think;

  • Never give sin or evil an inch. It will always take a mile;

  • Watch the company you roll with. They influence you to be either good or bad;

  • Pray for the strength to stand up and defend your actions when the need arises;

  • Associate with people of like-minds who will encourage you to keep your dignity;

  • Pray against the works of evil people;

  • Celebrate every win so that others can be encouraged;

  • Keep your eyes focused on heaven where evil and suffering will come to an end.




  1. Thank You Father that You can do all thing, in Jesus name.

  2. Thank You for Your love and care at all times, in Jesus name.

  3. Thank You Lord because You are the one that is teaching Your children to war and to battle, in Jesus name.

  4. Lord, deliver me from evil and unnecessary suffering.

  5. Reveal to me those who mean well for me and those who desire my downfall.

  6. By your grace, help me to flee from occasions of sin and evil and stay close to you always, through Christ our Lord.

  7. Father manifest Your power in Christian homes and take control in the lives of the youths, in Jesus name.

  8. Thank You for keeping our nation with Your mighty power, in Jesus name. Amen.

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