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Psalm 28:




Tough time experience does not mean absence of God. The Psalmist says he fears no evil even when he passes through the shadow of death – just because God was with him (Psalm 23). “No retreat, no surrender” is a slogan for a courageous people who target to hit success at the end. James 1:12 says, blessed are those who endured trials for they shall be crowned after successful endurance to make success. Challenges are not capable enough to cancel destiny – it strengthens and adds confidence to one’s faith in Christ. Anywhere anytime challenges and trials pull someone down, such a person is not determined enough to make success. When a determined person falls, the point of falling is the area to make correction for success. Therefore, a child of God must be careful and sensitive to where he makes mistake and stand for correction immediately in order to come out shining.

A child of God must be fully aware that he is not alone in any situation he is passing through – if he actually trust and believe in God, he must incessantly call upon God to get instruction for the step to take at a time. Before this can be done, the present of God must be felt. Anyone who thinks God is far away to him will wallow in sin thinking God is not available to see him. Actually, God is far at the same time he is very close. A child of God carries the image of God all around – it does not need to see his physical countenance in the entire situation he finds himself. If His physical Being will be seen or felt, that will be represented by another child of God who comes around at that time. Many at times somebody would just come around when one is about to do evil – at that time God is represented by the man who comes to check and correct from evil action. Before this, the image/spirit of God within would have been instructing on what is good and what is bad. Therefore, do not disown and question the Holy Spirit divine when he speaks to you.




  1. O sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the Lord, all tee arch.

  2. Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; show forth his salvation from day to day.

  3. God, increase my faith in You, in Jesus name.

  4. God do not allow me to fail in the trail of life, in Jesus name.

  5. God do not allow temptation to crush me down, in Jesus name.

  6. God, let your glory shine in my life through temptation, trial, challenges and persecution that come to me, in Jesus name.

  7. God, strengthen me to stand for You in Jesus name.

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