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Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 4:2-6; Psalm 122:1-9; Matthew 8:5-11


Champions, Leaders, Record-breakers, Difference-makers; these people are not born with all these titles, they are made. In order to journey with God and remain under the canopy of God’s favour and glory, you have to wake up each day and do the following:

  • CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE OTHERS – In the Gospel, a centurion came to Jesus to ask for the healing for his servant. He treated his servant with dignity. How often do you treat your subordinates with dignity?

  • FEEL THE PAINS OF OTHERS – The centurion told Jesus that his servant was “paralysed and in great pain”. You need compassion to feel the pains of others. Can you feel the pains of others?

  • RELIEVE THE PAINS OF OTHERS – The centurion knew that Jesus had the power to cure his servant and he spared no expense but travelled to go in search of healing. How far can you go to relieve the pains of others? How far would you want others to go to help you with your burdens?

  • PRODUCE GOOD PRODUCTS – Create goods which enhance human life. Create the kinds of things that you will also consume. Do not be a party to creating things that are toxic to people’s minds, soul and body because God will reward you for your good or evil actions.

  • LOOK OUT FOR OTHERS – Call and check up on family and friends and remember then in prayer and assist them according to your capability. The help you give others today will be extended to you tomorrow.

Lord, give me a heart of flesh that feels the pains of others and a melted heart that is filled with compassion over the plight of others. May all that I create this week give dignity and add value to others. Please, bless the work of my hands and place me and all that I care about under the canopy of your glory and favour. Amen.

Have a blessed week.

Have a peaceful week.

Have a productive week in Jesus’ name. Amen.




  1. Father, grant me the wisdom, and empower me, to stay under your canopy of love till the end, in Jesus name.

  2. Help me Lord to see, and treat others with dignity, in Jesus name.

  3. Every power of selfishness, over-ambition and unteachableness in the body of Christ, be broken, in Jesus name.

  4. Father grant the body of Christ the mind of Christ, forgiving spirit, tolerance, genuine repentance, understanding, submission, humility, brokenness, watchfulness and the mind to commend others better than ourselves, in Jesus name.

  5. Lord, let righteousness reign in every part of our nation, in Jesus name.

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