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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 110:1-4

“The LORD has sworn and will not change his mind, "You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek" (Psalms 110:4, NIV)


In singing this psalm we must act faith upon Christ, submit ourselves entirely to Him, to his grace and government, and triumph in Him as our prophet, priest, and King, by whom we hope to be ruled and taught and served, forever, and as the prophet, priest, and King, of the Church, who shall reign till he has put down all opposing rule, principality, and power, and delivered up the kingdom to God the Father. That He is David’s Lord. We must take special notice of this because he does. David, in spirit, calls Him Lord. Matt. 22:43. The apostles prove the dignity of Melchizedek, and in him of Christ. By this, that so great a man as Abraham paid him tithes (Heb. 7:4), so we may by this prove the dignity of the Lord Jesus that David, that great man, called him his Lord; by him that King acknowledged himself to reign, and to him to be acceptable as a servant to his Lord.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a priest. He was appointed to that office and faithfully executes it; He is ordained for men in things about God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sin (Heb. 5:1), to make atonement for our sins and to recommend our services to God’s acceptance. He is God’s minister to us, and our advocate with God, and so is a Mediator between us and God. He is said to be a priest forever, not only because we are never to expect any other dispensation of grace than this by the priesthood of Christ, but because the blessed fruits and consequences of it will remain for eternity. All true Christians are a chosen generation they all make one family, a sort and species of people distinct from the common world.



To surrender your life to Christ, say this prayer aloud:

Father, I acknowledge my sin against You. I repent and ask for forgiveness, in the name of Jesus. I believe and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, take control of my heart and lead me in Your path of righteousness. Thank You, Lord! If you said the above short prayer, Congratulations! Prayerfully look for a living church and report to the resident reverend, pastor or priest.


1. Father, make our leaders priests indeed over this nation.

2. Lord, make me a true representative of Christ anywhere I find myself.

3. Jesus, let my children be a true representative of Christ anywhere they find themselves.

4. Lord Jesus, let your servants represent you well and for your glory alone.

5. Almighty God, let my family be a priesthood indeed for this generation.

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