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Today’s Reading:

Hebrew 10:26:31


Persistent and deliberate sin shows contempt for Christ and His sacrifice and will certainly be judged without Mercy as apostasy on that dreadful day of the Lord. Believers are indeed saved by Grace; our sin debt is fully paid and we can never lose our salvation of we constantly and continuously walking with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sin mentioned here is a total and final falling away, when men with a full and fixed will and resolution, despise and reject Christ the saviour, Holy Spirit the sanctifier, renounce the gospel and word of eternal life, turning away from Grace has taken a certain shape. Believers are encouraged to keep their faith in check to enable them walk with the father without trace of apostasy which leads to absolute withdrawal from Grace.

In conclusion, there is no more sacrifice for sins which could save a man, if he reject that of the Lord Jesus, it is like rejecting the only medicine that could heal. The sacrifice made for sin by the redeemer is never to be repeated and if that is deliberately rejected, the soil must be lose for turning away from Grace through a deliberate and a persistent sin.




  1. Merciful Father, Grant me the sufficiency of your grace to continue steadfast relationship with you to the end, in Jesus name.

  2. Father uphold me within the circumference of your Grace; may I never under-estimate your effective sacrifice for my redemption, in Jesus name.

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