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Today’s Reading:

Mark 7: 1-13

“Thus, you nullify the Word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that. (Mark 7:13 NIV)


A discipleship booklet tilted; 'Follow the Master' used in the Baptist denomination identifies four sources of authority which are: Intellect, Tradition, Experience and Scripture. According to the book, intellect has to do with man taking decision on what truth is according to his ability to reason what is right or wrong, good or bad. Experience helps man to determine truth by his senses, feelings and emotions. Tradition, man shapes his beliefs around those which have been important to his ancestors while through scripture, God reveals truth in written form, knowledge is ultimate and complete.

In the passage above, we saw that group that's common during the earthly ministry of Jesus; the Pharisees were an influential religious sect within Judaism in the time of Christ and the early church. They were known for their emphasis on personal piety (the word Pharisee comes from a Hebrew word meaning “separated”), their acceptance of oral tradition in addition to the written Law, and their teaching that all Jews should observe all 600-plus laws in the Torah, including the rituals concerning ceremonial purification. So, the pharisees believe in tradition but Jesus established that any other source of authority apart from God's Word should be declared null and void. Let's look at what tradition does against God's Word.

  • Tradition states that hands must be washed thoroughly before eating. Although that may be good in guarding against sickness and diseases, but it has no spiritual meaning in God's Word (vs. 2-5).

  • Tradition gives room for lip service while the Word of God gives room for heart service (vs. 6a)

  • Tradition allows lips honour and mere rules while God's word is real worship (vs. 6b).

  • Tradition teaches a man to ignore God's word (vs. 9)

  • Tradition dishonours one's parent which the word of God commands with promise (vs. 10-12).

  • Tradition nullifies God's word.

It is so sad today that people still believe strongly in tradition at the expense of God's Word. Part of the tradition may be good but any tradition that will draw us away from the scripture, must be done away with. Tradition will fail but God's word abides forever. Tradition makes hypocrite out of a man, but God's word makes a correct Christian out of an individual. You can keep tradition and still go to hell, but you can never keep God's Word and miss heaven. What's the source of authority in your life? What or who do you consult when you want to make decisions in life? God's word remains relevant for all ages. Read, meditate, memorize, study and live by the word of God and your future is guaranteed in Jesus name.




  1. Every grip of tradition over this generation, be destroyed in Jesus name

  2. I receive my own freedom too from tradition of men in Jesus name

  3. May the word of God be real to me daily in Jesus name

  4. May nothing take the place of God's word in my life, in Jesus name

  5. Father revive Your work in Your Church, in Jesus name.

  6. O Lord let there be peace and harmony of purpose in our nation Nigeria, in Jesus name.

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