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Today’s Reading:

Esther 4:1-17


Prayer is one of the keys to an effective Christian living, for without prayer it is impossible to phantom the mind of God. Esther was able to save her people through prayer and fasting in a communal manner. Jesus often spends the whole night in the place of prayer in order to fulfil His divine purpose and mission. Christian journey is a life of prayer as one of the cardinal pillars of living in relationship with God.

The necessity of prayer cannot be underestimated looking at the passage of our reflection, Esther seeks the consent of her people to be joined in prayer to gain victory for the battle that lay ahead, she understood that it is not going to be easy at all, but through prayer, deliverance will surely come. Prayer produces palpable and tangible results in the life of a Christian, as seen in the life of Esther and her people as they prioritized prayers. Communal prayers is a call to corporately stands in the gap, as sacred people of God, for the Pantheons even against dangerous persecutors, to decontrol all satanic influences in all pedestals just like Esther and her people did.

In conclusion, prayer in unity is one of the most powerful weapons for the Church, the body of Christ, that transcends physical weapons. It has all the Power to transform situation like in the days of Esther.




  1. My Father, strengthen and empower my prayer altar to always stand in the gap for the propagation of the Gospel, in Jesus name.

  2. Father, I stand by Faith with other brethren to decontrol all satanic influences planted against Your Church, in Jesus name.

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