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The Potter And The Pot


Today’s Reading:

Jeremiah 18:1-12 (2Chro. 36:15)

"And the Lord God of their fathers sent warnings to them by His messengers, rising up early and sending them, because He had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place." (2Chro. 36:15 NKJV)


When God commissioned Jeremiah to his service, He made it clear that his service would be of pronouncing either judgement or pardon on his people. Judgement, if they did not repent of their sin and turn from their evil ways to God; and pardon if they repent, God will have compassion and relent in his judgement. And so, the theme of his ministry was: "to root out and to pull down, to destroy and throw down; to build and to plant." (1:10).

The Lord used the potter at work to send a message to his people Israel and the message is truly relevant to all believers today. One of the pots the potter was working on was marred, it did not come out as the potter intended. He had to squash the clay back into a single lump in order to remould the pot to suit his taste and purpose (v.4). This refers to God's relationship with Israel and all believers. God is the potter and we his creation are the clay. Just as the potter can make whatever he likes from the clay, so God also is absolutely capable of moulding and remoulding us to suit his purpose. And so, we do not have a choice than to conform to the purpose of God for our lives (vv. 4-6).

To the ancient Israelites in Jerusalem, when God saw them crafting and worshipping idols and whoring after the gods of the neighbouring Canaanites, He was ready to avert the impending judgement of exile, if the people would repent and change their evil ways. God sent messages over and over to them because of his love and compassion on the people and His dwelling place (2Chron. 36:15).

To us, there is always a way of salvation to escape the wrath of God. God actually uprooted, tear down, and destroy Judah and most of its inhabitants from the Promised Land. With the sins of disobedience and idolatry, an individual or a nation can forfeit all the blessings of God (vv.7-10).

Instead of heeding the Lord's messages, the people of Judah ridiculed it, they refused to change and made a brazen commitment to pursue their wicked and evil ways and desires (v. 12). And disaster came when Nebuchadnezzar actually came and devastated Judah and Jerusalem, destroyed the temple which was the pride of Israel, and carried some of the people into exile. Today we keep modifying the commands of God to suit our selfish and self-centered purposes and desires. Forgetting that God is in control; He rules over the affairs of men here on earth; He has the last say and that he controls history.

What wicked and evil ways have we indulged yourselves in, what are we doing that is not pleasing unto God. What is it we are doing wrong and our conscience is warning us about. We have heard several preaching and messages on, and we stubbornly continue with. The mercy and compassion of God is still available to us. This is the proof of God's love for us and his compassion. God had seen the impending disaster, the problems that lies ahead and wants to encourage us, so that it can be averted, and we escape it. Let us change our evil ways, repent, and turn to God. There is no sacred cow with God. God's warnings are to protect us and not to punish us.



1. Father forgive my wicked ways; open my ears to hear your word, keep it in

my heart and live it. Help me to learn from other’s mistakes and be able to

honour you with my life, in Jesus name.

2. I break and loose myself, and family line from every collective evil captivity

and ancestral evil covenant that has put me and my family line in bondage,

in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit, fill me to over flow and incubate every organ of my body, in

Jesus name.

4. Holy Spirit fill and incubate every area of the Church of God and take

complete control, in Jesus name.

5. Shepherd of the nations, after COVID19, move the nations to the next level

and let the will of the Father be done, in Jesus name.

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