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Updated: Jan 2, 2022


Today’s Reading:

Daniel 1:1-16


Integrity is not only what people see and say about us, but also about what someone does as it is good to God that brings a better life to the people around. It is not only when one is at a place where people know and applaud him for what he does, it can be identified even in a foreign land. There are characteristics or qualities that people are looking for in a person before he/she can be celebrated as a person who possesses integrity. Nebuchadnezzar mentioned the qualities a person must have. (1) The person must belong to a royal family (this can be seen as the Kingship of the Highest God); (2) He must have no blemish, but beauty (this can be related to the resemblance of God; (3) He must possess wisdom (this is the charisma of Christ as Omniscience God); (4) He must be fit for the palace (council member of God’s Kingship – decision-making council); (5) He must be teachable (Dan.1:3-4).

Ordinary beauty, handsomeness and good looking cannot determine all these qualities; it is what we possess inside, that will reveal the qualities or characteristics for outstanding integrity. Therefore, we should be able to identify with God who will help us to showcase the nature or charisma of Christ. People know who is good and who is bad; any time the community needed a good person they know whom to call and how to look for such, but they do not follow the process because they also prefer darkness to light. It is until we do things as God designs and plan it the entire world cannot enjoy the plan of God. (Jer.29:11)




  1. God, allow my success in this world to come to reality in Jesus’ name.

  2. God, let me qualify and fit for your Kingdom in Jesus’ name.

  3. God, use me to turn the world around for you in Jesus’ name.

  4. God, I shall not be influenced to serve Satan in Jesus’ mighty name.

  5. God, let the world see you through Christ in me in that name of Jesus.

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