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The Marriage Institution


Today’s Reading:

Gen. 2:18-25 (24)

"For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." (v.24 NIV)


God created Eve as a companion and helper for Adam (vv.18-22). Forming Eve from Adam's rib shows the type of unity that God intended between husband and wife (vv.23-25). Without the wife’s companionship as partner in reproduction, the husband cannot fully realise his humanity. Instead of the husband remaining in the protective custody of the parents, God designed that he leaves them, and with the wife, establishes a new family unit. Therefore, it is God's design that marriage should be monogamy. The husband and wife are to form an inseparable union as one flesh.

Marriage between couples is more than a human social contract, it is rooted in the created order. It is about a little shift from parents to the spouse. It is designed as an inseparable relationship between the husband and wife. The family unit marriage creates is the basic building block of our society. Marriage is love, therefore a binding covenant commitment, witnessed by God himself. To breach that covenant through infidelity or adultery is therefore a crime against the other party and God who is a divine witness to, and a guarantor of the covenant (Mal.2:10-16; Gen.39:6-9; Jer. 3:1; 1Corin. 6:9-10; Heb. 13:4). Marriage is exclusive but not private in that it is legally declared in public, recognised by community as witness and being accountable.

As married believers, we are called to live in love, peace, harmony integrity and dignity as we await the wedding feast of the Lamb (Rev.19:6-9). Marriage thrives in an atmosphere of peace, love, honour and respect. God's design for marriage is awesome and beautiful. As couples experience and sense of these beauty and awesomeness, they will enjoy life and their union together under the guidance and blessing of our loving God.

Olufunmilayo Titilola Adekusibe



  1. Father, thank You for instituting and designing this wonderful institution. Teach and empower couples to help strengthen each other in love and be faithful to each other, in Jesus name.

  2. We come against powers assigned against Christian marriages, by the power in the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.

  3. Father empower Christian couples to live peaceably in harmony of body, soul, and spirit, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, by Your name, JAH, walk and work through troubled Christian marriages, in Jesus name.

  5. Father uproot everything you have not planted in Your church and revive your Pentecostal fire and power, in Jesus name.

  6. Father, thank you for sustaining Nigeria with your power and fire. Let there be peace, harmony of purpose and move the nation forward, in Jesus name. Amen.

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