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Today’s Reading:

Genesis 21:1-7

The passage for meditation as seen above talked about the fulfilment of God's goodness to Abraham and Sarah as He has said in the previous.” (Genesis 17:17).


Sarah and Abraham had been married for a long time and were blessed with gold, silver, cows, rams, male, and female servants and even Ishmael (Abrahams’s son from Hagar) but still wanted one thing above all they already possessed. Like when God created everything and brought them all before Adam to name, something was missing (Genesis 2:19-20).

Nobody can “out-give” God as His joy and gladness are basically to never stop providing us with all that makes us happy. God will not withhold anything good from us even when we have misbehaved or taken his love for granted (even Abraham lied on various occasions). But as long as he (Abraham) went back to God and asked for forgiveness, God was always willing to forgive and pardon him.

Do you lack anything? Before you begin to ask the God of abundance, can you, first of all, appreciate Him for all he has given you (life, good health, sound mind, gift of sonship and hope of heaven). Today the 1st day of the 3rd month of 2021, appreciate the God who gave us his only begotten Son, the One who came down to earth to save man from second death and all his sin to give him peace.

If you look around and think deeply, you will have reasons to give God praise.




  1. Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for your love, divine provisions, and your sustaining grace, in Jesus name.

  2. Please, Lord Jesus Christ, do a thing to reassure me in this month and year as I praise for all you have given me and my family, in Jesus name.

  3. I believe that there is absolutely nothing that is too difficult for thee. Make all mountain and crooked paths before me plain, in Jesus name.

  4. Lord in this new day and month give me the joy to replace all my best reproach and cause men to testify to your power in my life, in Jesus name.

  5. Just as you answered Sarah's prayer, when you put a smile on her face, cause a shout of joy over all that concerns me, in Jesus name.

  6. Father in your mercy, cause covid-19 to die a natural death, in Jesus name.

  7. Lord Jesus you are the mighty man in battle, oppose the Boko Haram terrorist group, bandits, kidnappers, cattle rustler and confuse their language that we may hold our peace, in Jesus name.

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