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Today’s Reading:

John 9:1-12


In life, remembrance can be positive or negative, good, or bad. But we will look at the positive aspect. God remembered Abraham (Gen 18:10) and Noah (Gen 8:1) for good at a time they were desperately in situations beyond their human capability or comprehension.

In the passage above, the young man was born blind, but someone presented his case as a discussion, and not for solution or intervention. Unknown to the man who presented his case, he was actually opening a case that God wants to use for his glory. Yes, he may have lingered in the situation for over thirty years or more, but “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen. 18:14; Psalms 90:4).

I have a couple as a neighbour who is in their late 50s or more, but surprisingly, they had their first child in December (2019). We serve a God who neither sleeps nor slumbers; He works with time and seasons. Matthew 3:9 says: “God is able”, nothing can hinder Him from achieving his purpose through anything and in any way at any point in time. At times, He does not even work with our faith in the case of Abraham and Sarah. Remember that it was after He had healed the man before He asked him if He believed or not.

Regardless of what impression your life has created in both sight and mind of people around you, it is only through you His glory shall be revealed.




  1. Thank you, Lord, for the word you have sent to me today, in Jesus name.

  2. Lord, cause your word to do that which you have sent it for in my life: to heal, to set free from any bondage, to light up my dark areas, and break barriers.

  3. Lord Jesus, let it be known to the whole world that you are our God in Nigeria even through trying times.

  4. Heal our land and the world at large. Help us to hold firm and fast to you alone above all else.

  5. To all in positions of authority around the world, show your power and draw them closer unto yourself.

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