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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 145:8-14

Zechariah 2: 6 -13

Romans 7:7-20


A lot of Christians believe it is their birthright to be blessed by God. Such Christians will be blessed by God, but it can only be average blessings. But if you want basket full of blessings, the blessings that will last many generations, the all-round blessings that cannot be cursed or bastardized by Satan then you need to give thanks to God always. The Bible in Philippians 4 : 6 says Be careful about nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known unto God. We are also admonished that - In everything we should give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us.

1Thessalonians 5: 18

When you thank God profoundly from the bottom of your heart for the things he has done for you before now then inevitably your heavens will open more for today and continuously for ever. It must be a routine. When Jesus needed the anointing of multiplication to work on the five loaves of bread and two fishes in Mathew 14:13 -21, He simply give thanks to God for the provision and not only was there multiplication there was excess after the people have been fed.

The Psalmist knows the secret and he is always thanking God. In Psalm 100 he said I will enter his gate with thanksgiving in my heart. In Psalm 145 he emphasized that he extol God and will bless his name forever. We should thank GOD always for his goodness and mercy that endure forever. We should thank him for meeting us at the point of our needs. It is not when Good things come our way that we should thank him. We should thank him in times of trials and tribulations knowing he is with us at all times. There is no better time to thank God than now when it seems everything appear gloomy in this Nation. If you want God make you Goshen in the land of Egypt you have to thank him. Thank him for the world so sweet, thank him for the food we eat, thank him for everything. Thanksgiving is the secret to your multiplying. After Hannah had Samuel, she sang a song of thanksgiving to God and the Lord gave her five more children in 1Samuel 2:1-10, 21.

Have you thanked God today for making you to be among the living? Thank him for his provision and you will move from minimum to maximum, from little to abundance, from the valley to the mountain top. Why don’t you spend some quality time today thanking God and thereafter spend time everyday thanking him and the Lord Almighty will bless you abundantly in Jesus name.



Prayer :

  1. Oh Lord my God I thank you for the GIFT of life in the name of Jesus.

  2. Oh Lord my Father, I thank you for the miracle of sleeping and waking up in the name of Jesus.

  3. Oh Lord I thank you for your protection, provision, love and mercy that you have been showering on me and my family.

  4. Oh Lord we thank you for reigning your peace and blessings upon our Nation. Oh Lord we thank you for the movement of your power in the Church and for protecting your interest in the church.

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