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Today’s Reading:

Psalms 62:8-11

“Trust God my friends, and always tell him each of your concerns. God is our place of safety.”

(v.8 CEV)


When Jesus met Peter at the Lake Gennesaret, beyond the depth of the message, something stood out clearly- Peter’s concern before, during and after the message was the same. “Master, we have laboured all night and caught nothing.” That was the concern! Jesus knew before telling him to launch his boat into the deep. Peter trusted the Master with his boat and the Master showed him how much more trusting his word could go. “Let down your nets.” He said. That was all needed to end his concern!

The woman with the issue of blood had her concern. But when the concern met Jesus, it melted. The man born blind had his concern and almost giving up on life, but when he heard his word, there was a turn around. Oh! The disciples had their greatest fear on the sea. “Master, careth not thou that we perish.” Life is a bag of concern. There are a lot of issue of life that are bothering your souls. Sometimes, you see the bright end of life but then not long after failure and uncertainty stare at you and you start losing your grip. You have concerns about what to wear, drink and eat. Jesus however had an answer before your worry began. “I tell you not to worry about your life. Don’t worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear. Isn’t life more than food or clothing?” Mathew 6:25.

The first thing Jesus is saying is, get your eyes off worries! They aren’t worth the essence of your life. “Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them. Aren’t you worth much more than birds?” Vs 26. The second thing Jesus is saying is don’t just get your eyes off worries, fix them on the One that knows how to handle them best. God is an expert in handling worries. Thus, it is wrong for you to take on his responsibility.

Friend, I don’t know what your concern is, but I have an answer for you. “Trust God my friends, and always tell him each of your concerns…” what does that suggest? Write them out. Make them bold enough for God to see. Tell Him. What a privilege to know that you have a Father who looks forward to reading your lists of concerns? Write and leave them there. Little wonder Peter wrote, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7. God cares so much about you that he won’t let you crash under the burden of worries. All you need is to trust Him and let go!



  1. Dear Lord, I received grace to take my eyes off the worries of life to look only unto you.

  2. My Father, I trust you with all my cares today and always, in Jesus name.

  3. In all situations, I have the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding, in Jesus name.

  4. I rest in the sufficient grace of God in the midst of life’s storm, in Jesus name.

  5. I hear the voice of God over the voice of worries, in Jesus name.

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