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Today’s Reading:

2Kings 4:38-44


Beloved, I want to bring up the action of two personalities from the passage of today.

  1. A man from Baal Shalishah: - this man came with some provision for the man of God. The provision was the first fruit of the men and because it was what was due to God. The men came to present it to the servant of God.

  2. The prophet Elisha: - As he received the gift, in the time of famine, he asked his servant to give it to the people to eat. One could have thought that Elisha would take the gift and keep it for himself because it was specifically given to him. But no, because of his kindness and caring attitude, he sows the gift.

Obviously, this period is hard indeed, but you must give whatsoever is due to God unto Him. Even if your income at the moment is very little if you do so, God will bless the remaining. And make sickness and devourers to be far from you. Do not allow the situation to make you eat what belongs to God together with what belongs to you. Doing that will make the situation worse still.

Also, in this period of this famine in our land, please be like Elisha: be kind to the people around you, so that you can also reap the fruit of kindness and provoke the blessings of God upon your life. It may be that what you have is so little and just sufficient for you and your family, nevertheless, if you sow it as a seed of kindness into the life of others the Lord will bless it so much that you will have more than enough.

May the Lord supply all you need in Jesus’ name.




  1. Thank the Lord for another day, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Help me Lord to be doers of your word, in Jesus’ name

  3. Dear Lord restore the fortune of my life, family, and this nation, in Jesus’ name.

  4. I refuse to consume what belongs to God, and others in my custody, in Jesus name. So, help me Lord, in Jesus’ name.

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