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Today’s Readings:

Psalm 6

Micah 7:1-7

Rev. 2:1-7


Satan uses man to wage war against man like himself. This happened through the negligence of man – as man thinks everything that glitters is gold. This is the secret of man known by Satan and he entices man with goody-goody that look beautiful and sweet but Satan knows it is poison to them. Man becomes wayward and crooked because of the wrong place he gazes. Any man that does not focus on God would be distracted by the things of the world and if this happens, Satan would take control of such a life.

There are people who are known for good but later crushed by Satan – their testimony got spoiled because of their dual focus. They focused both on the Lord as well as befriending the worldly dignitaries. They represent the image of God but move with the dictates of the worldly and sinful people – this portrays them as sinful men. The only way out of the shackle of the devil is to turn to God and to cleave to him. The percentage of worldly and sinful people in the world, offices, markets; businesses as well as communities are somewhat higher than the righteous ones. One needs to return to God in order to be strengthened and be ignited for him. The above can be done through prayers and obedience to follow only the dictates of God. It is a second chance to rebuild the testimonies that have been spoilt through the influence of the world.




  1. God, barricade me with your divine security so I will not be snatched from your hands.

  2. God, protect my testimony from the devil and worldly stains.

  3. God, cause your Gospel to launch out to the whole world through my service for you.

  4. God, take away darkness from the leadership system of this nation.

  5. God, silence every agent of darkness militating against the system of the light (God).

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