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Today’s Reading:

Hebrews 10: 26-31

“For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the Truth, there is no longer remains a sacrifice for sins.” (v. 26)


Sin is the problem of humanity since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It has destroyed several destinies and sent some to hell. The sin you do not deal with now, will later deal with, and disgrace you. Even among Christians, sin is a challenge, but the issue is if Christians are still struggling with sin, what is the essence of the cross? The main and primary purpose for Jesus birth is to deliver his people from their sins (Matthew 1:21). It shows that the only solution to the problem of sin is no other person in the history of humanity but JESUS.

The passage above made mention of something germane, “For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the Truth”. The problem here is committing sin intentionally, willfully, knowingly, and deliberately. The scripture is not talking about sins committed before knowing Christ, but the sin committed after the knowledge of the Truth. “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32). If someone received the knowledge of the Truth and keep on sinning, it shows he has not allowed the Truth to set him free. What a disaster! Several people are in that category today in the household of God. They claim to know God. They are busy for the Master in the church, but they are still in chains, sin is still their master (Romans 6:6). Dear reader, permit me to state it unequivocally and without mincing words that, if you keep on sinning after spending years in the church, you are a slave to sin, the devil is your father, and you are not a child of God. Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil…. No one born of God makes a practice of sinning… (I John 3:8-9). You can’t claim you have a relationship with God and feel comfortable with sin. A child of God will hate sin with a perfect hatred (Psalm 1). Do you hate sin? One of the parameters to measure whether you are a child of God or not is how you see sin. If you are still in the category of people saying that everybody is a sinner, and we cannot do without sinning, then you are far from the Kingdom of God.

The passage went further to tell us that individuals who had the knowledge of the Truth but sin deliberately is doing three things, or rather sinning deliberately is the same with the following:

• Trampled the Son of God underfoot, verse 29

• Treat the blood of Jesus with contempt, verse 29

• Insulted the Spirit of Grace, verse 29

Time will fail me to explain in detail the three above but allow the Spirit of God to interpret them to you. In the same vein, the passage made mention of the consequences of sinning deliberately:

• No sacrifice for such sins, verse 26

• Judgment awaits the person, verses 27 and 30

• Raging Fire, verse 27

• The person becomes enemy of God, verse 27

• If it were to be under the law the person would have been stoned to death without mercy, verse 28

• The person falls into the hands of God, which is terrible, verse 31

Have you been sinning deliberately, and you are ready for a new life in Christ Jesus? Do you want deliverance from the chains and shackles of sin? Go on your knees and talk to Jesus. You may need to approach a child of God or a genuine servant of God to pray with you.




  1. Confess your sins to God and sing this song: Have you been to Calvary for the washing of your sins.

  2. Every foothold of sin and flesh in my life. Lose your grip, in Jesus name

  3. Holy Spirit, take charge of my life henceforth, in Jesus name.

  4. Sin will not have dominion over my life again, in Jesus name.

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