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Today’s Readings:

Hebrews 10:32-39; Psalm 37:3-6,23-24,39-40; Mark 4:26-34


THE BEST ADVICE you will ever receive are these three words which you must say to yourself daily - NEVER GIVE UP. In order to achieve success in any field (a success story that will be a reference point), you have to keep these seven pillars in mind:

  • REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED - Behind every great venture is a "why". "Why" is a statement of purpose. Without a big enough why, you will meet with challenges that will make you question and even change your original purpose. Two things to note about coming up with your "why" are: it should be bigger than you and it doesn't have to be perfectly thought out (at least at the beginning).

  • REMEMBER HOW YOU STARTED - Most beginnings are humble. To achieve success whatsoever, you need the courage to start. You begin with very little resources, with persistent effort and consistent attitude, and slowly but surely you start receiving good results from your efforts. Eventually, you start finding support and gaining contacts. Soon enough you will start recording success after success, the next one bigger than the last. But this takes time, trust and a lot of patience (which most of us do not have).

  • CHALLENGES ARE SIGNS OF PROGRESS - Every great idea will be tested. In every case, it has to undergo purification. This purification process might be a death to old ideas, forsaking old ways of doing things, staying away from toxic friends, healing from past traumas, perseverance during days of low productivity and so on. If you trust the process, you will make progress.

  • THERE IS ALWAYS HELP ALONG THE WAY - When you begin a new venture, you will not always have support and you shouldn't. You have to own and believe in your ideas first. Let others look at you from a distance and wonder what you are trying to do. When you have built enough trust in your project, others will come around to assist you. If they come sooner, they will influence (and even derail) your ideas. Always remember that your project is yours; others are only there to assist you.

  • BEWARE OF IMITATIONS - The Devil is great at creating imitations of success. Retain the purity of your original plan and insist on doing things the way God has shown it to you. Beware of the doubts you entertain when the going gets tough. Be careful who you go to for advice. The devil can use these occasions to offer you an easy way out. If it is easy, it will not last. There are a lot of false successes out there. They grow wildly like weeds and in a short while, they wither and die. That will never be your story in Jesus' name.

  • NEVER GIVE UP - No matter what obstacles you face, the goal that is set before you is worth it. It is darkest just before sunrise. If you give up every time you face challenges, you will have no courage to carry on the next task or the task after that. Every success sets you up for an even bigger success. Be great at seeing every project through to its end and success will seek you.

  • EYES ON THE PRIZE - The goal which you have set for yourself should be very BIG. If it is focused on yourself alone, then it is small. For us Christians, the goal is eternal life in heaven. And even here on earth, the goal should include services to others. Make sure you are meeting a need that adds value to the dignity of others. St Angela Merici committed herself to educating young girls whose parents did not send to school. She knew that the good of society rested on the education of women. She famously said, "Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family."

Angela Merici is the patron saint of the sick, disabled and physically challenged people and those grieving the loss of parents.




  1. Thank you, Lord, because You are our Shield, our Hope, and the lifter of our head.

  2. Thank you for making available to us Your weapons of warfare, as defensive and offensive, in Jesus name.

  3. Father console me in my times of trials, fill me with great trust in you and grant me the strength and grace to achieve greatness in every aspect of my life, in Jesus name.

  4. Father let there be love, faithfulness, commitment, and harmony of purpose in the body of Christ, in Jesus name.

  5. Father rebuild our nation Nigeria and let your will and purpose be fulfilled, in Jesus name.

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