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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 119:97-104

Num. 11:1-9



The desired place Satan wants to be is in the gathering of the children of God. He is like a roaring lion moving from one place to the other looking for someone to devour. Satan takes advantage of people neglecting God’s word and His instruction in order to strike them – he knows they always disobey God as they do not want to go by the instruction of God. Anyone who does not hearken to God’s instruction will be exposed to the doom, set by the devil. It is good and enjoyable when God’s word is followed and obeyed – it renders Satan powerless. The word of the Lord is the light that shines in the darkness; anyone who obeys the word is free from darkness. The word of God is an x-ray to identify satanic agents in the body of Christ – the secret of the devil is not hidden when the word of God is well handled and studied.

What is the relationship between the righteous and the unrighteous? When righteousness is practiced unrighteous people will be identified. Ungodly people are not good to make friends with; they are cankerworms in the fabrics that the children of God put on. When the people of Israel were about to exit Egypt some strange people who were not Israelites followed them (Ex. 12:38). These set of people later became huddles to the original members of Israel (Num.11:4). These strangers influenced the people of Israel to kick against the instruction of God which later became a snare for the Israelites. To enjoy the plan of God for them, they needed to identify these people and remove them or set them aside from the congregation of the people of God.

This set of people will never allow God to move in the midst of his people since God wants to move in the congregation of his people who love his word; anyone who does contrary will suffer. A child of God needs to check around and see if unwanted people are already in the wagon of their journey – if these are identified they need to be evacuated immediately.




  1. Blessed is everyone that fears the Lord; who walks in his ways.

  2. Out of the depths have we cried unto thee, O Lord.

  3. Lord, hear our cry; let thine ear be attentive to the voice of our supplications.

  4. God, use me to fulfil your plan in this world system.

  5. God, let there be total cleansing in the entire body of Christ.

  6. God, restructure the system of the body of Christ to make it not conducive for unrighteous people.

  7. God, send away the evil agents in our midst as a nation.

  8. God, let your salvation saturate the world in Jesus' mighty name. Amen

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