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Today’s Readings:

Psalm 117, Jer. 30: 18-24; Rev. 22: 8-21


Blessings from God are received here on earth, reward from God are given in heaven – the Kingdom of God. No one receives except it is given by God. Blessing of God comes to people even if they do not earn it, it comes to them if it is covenanted to their lineage by God but reward is determined on what people personally do and qualify for. One can be blessed here on earth but he may not be rewarded in God’s Kingdom because blessings are given out of the prerogative right of God but reward is given from the works/services and contributions made for the expansion of the Kingdom of God; that is why people who are blessed on earth should not relax but the blessings must be used to propagate the gospel as to expand the God’s Kingdom.

God uses someone to bless another, but God accrues reward to people by himself; that is why earthly blessing cannot ascertain heavenly reward but it rather determines judgement. Therefore, people should work their blessings in order to work for reward. If one is not blessed here on earth, he must not be denied the reward in heaven.




  1. God, thank you for your blessings over my life.

  2. God, do not allow my blessings here on earth to destroy my reward in heaven in Jesus name.

  3. God, I need more good things which I will be praising you for in Jesus name.

  4. God, let your Kingdom reign in this nation in Jesus name.

  5. God, strengthen missionaries in the field to populate your Kingdom in Jesus name.

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