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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 106:1-5

“So, remember me, Lord, as you take joy in your people. And when you come to bring the blessings of salvation, don’t forget me!”. (v. 4 TPT)


President George Washington stated in his Proclamation of October 17, 1789, “It is the duty

Of all Nations (individuals) to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God to obey His will,

To be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favour.”

The above quote is the threshold for gratitude to God for individual and corporate experiences of His goodness and benevolence. His goodness is remarkably humbling and makes a difference in our lives. But for His goodness, we would not be alive today because we have been through many events and near-death experiences, but He has kept us. We are sustained and preserved by the enduring mercies of God in all things and in every way.

We certainly should be thankful to God for being physically alive since all life is in Him, and for all of God’s provisions in every way, but especially for the Blessing of HIMSELF. We cannot sufficiently tell of His mighty acts and declare His praise because we are limited in the knowledge of the depths of His acts and care. There are many dangerous things that happen that we do not know about but as a result of His care and gracefulness, He preserves us from them. Our response to His love, mercy and care is to maintain justice and do righteousness at all times. We are to uphold the cause of truth and the fear of God even though it is not popular. We must be deeply committed to identifying with the truth.

David offered a profound prayer which must be our utmost desire too, that the Lord remembers us as He delights and takes joy in His people, and also brings the blessings of His salvation. Here, we realize that salvation is a comprehensive offer for the believer, wherein lies, the liberation from the clutches of sin, death, satanic conspiracies, sickness, poverty and all of the purposes for which Christ was revealed on the earth. It is God’s plan that everyone that has known Him would share in the wealth and beauty of His children; share in the glory He procures for His chosen ones; and that the nations that recognize Him as their Lord would partake in His joy. May the Lord remember you and show you His salvation.




  1. Lord, I praise You for your consistent goodness and mercy over my life

  2. Lord, let me continually enjoy Your mercies and graciousness

  3. Lord, give me the grace to uphold justice and righteousness

  4. Father remember Your church and visit her with the abundant the blessings of salvation.

  5. Lord, let our nations share in the wealth and beauty of Your grace and experience Your joy.

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