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Today’s Reading:

Exodus 4:10-18 (Ps 144:1)

"Blessed be the Lord, my Rock and my great strength, Who trains my hands for war; And my fingers for battle." (Ps. 144:1 AMPV)


David opened Ps.144 with strong compelling words of praises for the Lord - "my Rock and my great Strength", "my [steadfast] Loving -kindness and my Fortress," "my high Tower and my Rescuer," "my Shield in whom I take Refuge" (Ps. 144:1-2). David's descriptive names for the Lord shows his depth of knowledge of and love for God. He said the Lord subdued the enemies, the people under him.

We must remember that we are partners with God here on earth to fulfil His plans and purposes. We have our part to play and God has his own. God taught David's hands to war and his fingers to battle. On our part we should constantly and consistently be on our knees seeking his face.

Now Moses' final protest to escape God's perceived dangerous and unpleasant assignment to deliver the children of Israel from bondage to pharaoh incurred the wrath of God, because Moses refuses to grasp the truth. We must see whatever vocation or ministry we do as God's call. And know that God takes us as we are, and he gives the enablement to do what he has called us to do. The outcome of this assignment does not depend on Moses' ability, but his willingness to allow God's mighty power work in Him, to do what only God can do (vv. 10-17). God accommodated Moses fear and concern by allowing his brother Aaron to be his mouthpiece (v.16).

We should not be discouraged that we are of little use to God, and so have nothing to offer (Ex.3:16-17). God made Moses to overcome his inadequacies with His sufficiency (v. 12).

All God requires from us when he calls us to a task, is to obey the call and follow his plan or steps. He will sort out every other thing, including security, our fears, our weakness, and inadequacies. His call to task includes his knowledge, power, and strength to complete the task. And so, in God's mighty hands, we can be blessings to others. May God help us all!



  1. Father, in any assignment allotted to me, give me the confidence that you will teach me what to say at any point in time; teach my hands to war and my fingers to battle, in Jesus name.

  2. Father, I surrender my all to you, use me to lift Jesus higher, and to the glory of your name, in Jesus name.

  3. O God arise, and let my life advertise your power, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, revive your Pentecostal fire and power in your Church, anoint and empower your ministers and pastors, in Jesus name

  5. Father, in this pandemic and after, let your presence be felt more within the core of the fatherless, helpless and hopeless, in Jesus name.

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