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Today’s Readings:

Romans 4:13,16-18

Psalm 105:6-9,42-43

Luke 12:8-12


Does the noise all around you bother you? It might seem like an impossible mission to tune it down or turn it off. But we do not have to feel helpless about it. We need to pay attention to the deepest yearning of our hearts, so that we may have a deep knowledge of God's impossible will for our lives. We function better on every ground when our minds are at ease. This is the whole point of meditation (to know and desire what God knows and desires for you).

How do I meditate?

  • Pick a time and place to encounter God in quietness. Set aside at least 30 minutes.

  • The only preparation you need is a desire to encounter God.

  • Free your mind of any care or worry for the period of your meditation.

  • Invite the Holy Spirit into your heart and ask Him to take absolute control of your life.

  • Recall yourself every time your mind strays.

  • Sit still and be aware that God is in you and you are in God and that He is in control of your life.

  • Breathe deeply and say "Jesus" as you inhale. Say "I trust in you" as you exhale.

  • Do not be afraid to confront the horror of your life. Allow Jesus to heal your brokenness. Let His grace wash over you like a fountain.

  • Begin each day with this process and be willing to let God touch your heart and fill your soul with love and compassion.

  • Also, desire the peace in your heart for others.

The result you will achieve is awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and areas in need of improvement. You will realise that your mission is at variance with the mission of others. Some have a mission to destroy what you are building. Pay them no attention. "Greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4).

By the power of the Holy Spirit, may God grant you peace, serenity, compassion and presence of mind to build, strengthen and uplift others as God lifts you up daily through Christ our Lord. Amen.




  1. Lord Jesus, You desire for me to know, love and serve You and so find lasting peace and happiness. Make Your desire mine. Let my thoughts, words and actions draw me closer to You and rid me of fear and anxiety, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Blessed is every one that fears the Lord, that walks in His righteous way.

  3. Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen wakes but in vain.

  4. Dear Lord, bless us with hearts that beat with love for You and for those who need Your love, in Jesus' name.

  5. Make me an instrument of Your loving care to everyone I meet today, through Christ our Lord.

  6. Father, make me a partaker of Your divine nature, to escape the corruption in the world through lust, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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