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Today’s Readings:

1 John 2:29-3:6

Psalm 98:1, 3-6

John 1:29-34


“God go punish you!”

Imagine that God takes us at our words. I wonder how many of us will still be alive and in good health. We honour the name of God because it is holy. Simply mentioning it can be a prayer or a blessing. Unfortunately, these days’ people use it as a curse. The name of Jesus is even more violated by so-called Christians. Today, the Church venerates the holy name of Jesus.

Here are a few reasons why you should too:

  • We celebrate the feast of Jesus’ holy name to foster a deep love for His name.

  • At the name of Jesus, every knee bends, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth (Philippians 2:10).

  • The name of Jesus saves us from sin (see Mt 1:21). “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2:21).

  • It is a name that the Devil fears, and when invoked it can cast out demons (Acts 16:18; 19:16).

  • By celebrating this feast, we seek to make reparation for the irreverent use of Jesus’ holy name and restore its dignity in our lives.

  • We celebrate a feast in honour of Jesus’ holy name because it has the power to transform lives when proclaimed.

  • Praying in Jesus’ name will help you discover the true identity of the people you call "friends" (see Mt 18:20).

  • Those who call on Jesus’ name receive miracles. The blind man cried out, “Jesus, son of David, pity me!” (Lk 18:38), and with that invocation and encounter his sight was restored.

  • Pray the name of Jesus in your struggles and anxiety and peace will wash over you like a river of grace.

  • Say the Jesus Prayer (“Lord, Jesus Christ, son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner”). Recite it as often as possible and you will never remain in mortal sin for long.

  • Say a Hail Mary for yourself and others often to receive renewed strength. This is because when split into two parts, the prayer hinges on the name of Jesus (“…and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus”).

  • Look for and pray the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus, sing songs such as “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” or “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” in addition to several contemporary Christian songs.

  • If we pray the name of Jesus continually in this life, then His name will be our last word on earth and the first name that we pronounce when we meet Him face to face.



To surrender your life to Christ, say this prayer aloud: Father, thank you for Jesus Christ. Forgive my sins, take control of my heart and lead me in your righteous path by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord. Congratulations! Prayerfully look for a living church and report to the resident pastor or priest.


1. Be my Saviour, dearest Jesus. Mercifully grant me through Your adorable Name—which is the joy of heaven, the terror of hell, the consolation of the afflicted, and the solid ground of my unlimited confidence—all the petitions I make this year to the glory of Your Holy name. Amen.

2. Lord Jesus, Your name is the light of my soul, the gate of life and the foundation of our salvation. Show mercy to me by the power of Your name. Bless me and everyone connected to me. Let Your name speak in my favour and grant all my needs through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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