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Today’s Readings:

Psalm 114

Judges 6:36-40

1 Cor.15:12-20


It is apparently clear that no one gains emancipation or freedom if he or she is entangled with sin. Divine freedom does not come to a man if he has not detached himself from devilish and ungodly relationship. Anyone who enjoys wallowing in sin denies himself the freedom from the coven and confinement of Satan. Human satisfaction to stay in sin denies a man the release from the dungeon of darkness. If God is not identified as the source of victory, devil and his agents will be taking victory over such a person. There is no freedom and victory in what man does. The philosophy of man brings confusion to man but the sagacity of God’s knowledge frees a man – the divine ransom causes problems and frustrations to the kingdom to the betterment of God’s children.

Before all the above listed can be achieved man must disassociate from worldly relationships. Self, human wisdom and philosophy must be evacuated from man and substituted with the wisdom of God. If this is done Satan sees no man but God whom he knows his power cannot withstand His power – so he releases man immediately. Any man who believes and concludes that his problems are bigger than what he can overcome will die in the midst of the problems but if he believes he has a victor he will confidently and surely trample upon the problems – this is what Jesus Christ uses his precious life to do for his people.




  1. God, make me a victor over issues militating against my life.

  2. God, remove my destiny from the dungeon of darkness.

  3. God, continue to be the ligament between me and your powerful word.

  4. God, send your salvation to the nooks and crannies of this nation.

  5. God, turn corruption of this nation to righteousness.

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