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Today’s Reading:

Numbers 20:1-13

“And the LORD Spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.” (Numbers 20:13)


Everything rises and falls on leadership goes the popular saying. The position of leadership is highly cherished by people though it requires several responsibilities. Leadership in the kingdom of God is quite different from that of the world. In the world, they lord over the followers but that of the kingdom is expected to serve the people.

Israelites were known for their circular way of life (they sin against God, God punished them, and they repent), they repeat that times without number. They were full of complaint again and again. They got to a point when they needed water and as usual they murmured against the leadership of Moses and Aaron. The duo went to God to solicit for the people and God gave them instructions on what to be done.

Moses and Aaron carried out the instructions but not in a perfect way as the Lord wanted it. They did four things which aggrieved God. One, they called the people of God rebels. Two, they asked the people if they could not bring out water from the rock, that was a slap on God's face, they took the place of God by calling attention to themselves. Three, Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to the rock, and that rock was Jesus. Four, they didn't give glory to God. God's verdict was that they will not enter the Promised Land. It's a pity that Moses and Aaron couldn't enter the Promised Land despite all they did. When the people sinned, Moses and Aaron would plead for them but when they (Moses and Aaron) sinned, nobody pleaded their cause, that's the peril of leadership.

The closer a man is to God the greater is the punishment when such misbehaves. Are you in leadership position? Let it be known that followers could do some things and be forgiven but a leader may not escape the punishment. As a leader, you need to be extra careful though it comes with grave responsibilities. Where have you erred in your leadership position, trace your steps back before it's too late.



Prayer Points:

  1. May the Lord forgive me of my sins as a leader.

  2. Every power waiting to terminate me and my leadership responsibility be wasted in Jesus name.

  3. I receive grace to finish my race well as a leader in Jesus name

  4. May all our leaders especially in the household of God never miss it in Jesus name

  5. Lord, touch the heart of leaders leading people to hell in Jesus name.

  6. Every unrepentant leader, let there be divine replacement in Jesus name.

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