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Today’s Reading:

Numbers 13

“…the land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size.” (Numbers 13: 32b)


Many people are at the bottom while few people are at the top. I want you to be provoked to aspire to acquire greatness in life. The bottom is too crowded, many are crawling, walking or running but few are flying, in fact the number of those soaring is too small. You can’t continue this way; there are enough spaces at the top.

Average means common, ordinary, moderate, middle, familiar, mediocre, regular, unexceptional, usual, undistinguished, neither very good nor very bad, not outstanding. Some people prefer to be at the middle in achievement, not everyone wants to be at the base but in the programme of God there is no room for the middle. It is either you are at the top or bottom. If you see a man who is satisfied with the middle position such a man is at the bottom invariably.

Twelve spies were sent out to examine the land which God has given them not that God will give them but it’s a pity that majority came back with bad reports of the land. An average person always has excuses not to do something. Whatever you say repeatedly you become and eventually affects your destiny either for good or for bad. Don’t ever join the multitude, the statement that majority carries the vote is not always correct. The ten that brought bad report of the land were supported by the people while they disdained the other two people. Because of what they said they couldn’t enter the Promised Land, they wasted away in the wilderness while the minority entered the Promised Land.

Do you always see negativity in everything? Do you always believe in the majority to take a vital decision? Are you afraid of taking a giant step in achieving your purpose? Then you need to deal with the spirit of average.



Prayer Points:

1. You spirit of average, lose your grip over my life in Jesus’ name.

2. I move from average to the top in Jesus’ name.

3. Every decision I have taken that brought me to the level of average, I reverse them in Jesus’ name

4. I receive the spirit of excellence and outstanding performance in whatever I lay my hands upon in Jesus’ name.

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