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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 133: 1 – 3


Beloved, I have a burden today to call you to pray for the unity of the body of Christ – THE CHURCH! It is clear to everyone that the church is no longer united, in fact, it does not present an example of the early Church. The devil has succeeded in using issues like denominationalism, culture, tradition, doctrines to cause disunity among us. It is not that I have any problem with New denominations springing up, in fact, it is my joy that new folks are catching up on the vision for ministry. But the challenge is that the more denominations we have the more segmented we become. Our Lord Jesus foresaw this while he prayed for the Church in John 17: 20-21; “Let them be one” although, it was so during the era of the early church (Act 4: 32).

Beloved, the devil is causing more havoc in the Church worldwide at this time because of factions.

What are the benefits we will derive if we are united?

  • Good and pleasant experiences vs 1

  • Movement i.e. progressive church growth, gaining more lands vs 2

  • Divine blessing vs 3

  • Manifestation of the Holy Spirit - Act 2: 1 – 6

  • Victory on all sides

An adage says: “A team that plays together wins together”. Also “united we stand, divided we fall”.

I thank God for every step taken to unite us like C.A.N., Bible Society, P.F.N, C.C.N., etc may the Lord strengthen them in Jesus name. Join me today as we pray as Jesus did in John 17 “O Lord, unite your Church and make us one”.




  1. Father, I thank you for the Body of Christ in our nation for all you are doing among us, in Jesus name.

  2. Lord Jesus by your great power, unite us again, in Jesus name.

  3. Jesus, make use of me as an instrument to foster the unity of the Church wherever I find myself, in Jesus name.

  4. Every loophole the devil is using to torment the church is destroyed, in Jesus name.

  5. O Lord, the gate of hell must not prevail over our churches, in Jesus name.

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