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No other Name


Today’s Reading:

Act 4:5-12

“And there is salvation in no other for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (v.12)


In the passage of the Bible above, after Peter and John were arrested, the combination of all the Jewish religious power structure of the Sanhedrin gathered to confront and suppress the evidence of the lame man who was healed by Peter and John. It was a time when truth confronted religion in an environment where religion had taken the people into bondage. It is obvious in our time too that truth is neglected by the people but it is certain that nothing can be done against the truth because it is sacrosanct. And the truth personified is Jesus.

The two apostles were so bold in declaring the mind of God in the face of opposition. They were able to do that because they strongly believe in that name Jesus. Dear, reader, do you believe in that name too? If yes, there is no reason for fear to declare that name to the world. Some Christians are afraid to preach about Christ to the world. The name that is above every other name. He can heal, deliver and bless. This is the name being represented and feared in the kingdom of darkness. Everything bows to Him in heaven, on earth and under the earth. It is such an incomparable name.

Friends, remember that there is no other name given among men by which we can be saved. Do you believe in this name? Have you invited Him into your life as Saviour and Lord? Until you have a cordial relationship with that name it cannot work for you.

Memory Verse: There are several names under heaven that have made indelible mark in the lives of men. Some are dead and some are still living. But there is a name that is above every other name, what other names could not achieve, He achieved.



  1. Thank God for that name Jesus, Halleluiah!

  2. Every other name raising itself against the name of Christ in my life, I silence you, in Jesus name.

  3. Every authority saying NO to the establishment of Kingdom of God in my life, you will not prosper, in Jesus name.

  4. Power and principalities waging war against the saints in this end-time, I frustrate your plans, in Jesus name.

  5. Oh Lord, arise and let the enemy of progress of this nation be scattered, in Jesus name.

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