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Mistaken Identity

Today’s Reading:

John 8:48-59


Brother John gave us an account of the argument between the Sadducees and Pharisees in the whole of Chapter 8. They were stressing the fact that they are descendants of Abraham and said Jesus is a Samaritan (8:48), even when they knew where His father and mother came from.

A Samaritan is seen as inadequate and incompleteness of tradition and do not measure up to them in right of faith. This could also be seen in the parable of Jesus as recorded in Luke 10:29-37 as example to humble the Pharisees that came to tempt him. Also in the discussion between Jesus and the woman who came to the well for water in John 4:8-26.

Now from this two-reference made, the man reacted better compared to the priests and Levites, the woman also turned out to be an Evangelist of Christ in her domain.

The ten commandments had been issued out to us all and we still exercise our right to do what we want and this same argument goes around in our heart at work, home, church, and one very important thing is that our attitude, behaviour, reaction and speech usually tells who we are, whether a Pharisee, Sadducee or a Samaritan.

Your personality, religion, tribe , family background, your name, accent, your height, your beauty or how hard or good the world has treated does not really matter but how you have always made the whole host of heaven rejoice each time, living and following the footsteps of Jesus is the only way.



1. Come into my heart Lord Jesus today and to stay.

2. Come into my existence so that I can mirror you to everyone I come in

contact with.

3. Help me not to give in to the pressure of this world.

4. Come and take your place in my life and family.

5. Jesus please draw to yourself everyone in the position of authority, for you

delight not in the death of a sinner.

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