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Message of the Cross


Today’s Reading:

I Corinthians 1:18-31

“for the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. But to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.” (v.18)


Christianity is meaningless without the cross though it is nonsense to those who are heading for doom and destruction but gives power to the saved. It is on the cross that God reconcile the world back to himself after the fall in the Garden of Eden.

Message of the cross is characterized by Birth of Christ, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and Second coming of Christ. Any message that is not in line with these is pure nonsense and stupidity. Prosperity that is not rooted in the cross will soon disappear. Though some people believe that when bad or unpleasant thing happens to an individual that is his cross. But that is a misinterpretation of the term.


• The cross is God’s instrument for terminating the natural life Romans 6:6, Galatians 2:20

• It is God’s instrument for rendering the devil impotent and nullifies the ground on which the devil can attack us John 3:13-16

• The cross insulates us from the world system so that we may be able to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit with all liberty I John 2:15-16.


• The cross is not a sickness, a deformity, or an infirmity I Cor. 1:18

• The cross is not a physical ornament for decorating the body, nor a symbol for ceremonial purpose I Corinthians 1: 18-23 using it this way only rob the cross of its power.

• We need to preach the message of the cross, live it and die by it. The cross is God’s wisdom for dealing with the flesh (the enemy within) and the devil (the enemy without).

• Have you been to the cross? If not pray these prayer points


Prayer Points:

1. I surrender my all at the cross of Calvary, in Jesus name.

2. May the power of the cross destroy the works of the flesh in my life, in Jesus


3. Sin shall never reign in my mortal body in Jesus name

4. Power of sin over every Christian in the world, let the power of the cross

destroy them

5. Every altar of sin in the household of faith is destroyed in Jesus name.

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