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Today’s Reading:

Exodus 19:16-25

“And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp To meet with God; and they stood at the nether part Of the mount.” (Exodus 19:17)


Meeting means people coming together to discuss and know each other. In v. 17, Moses brought the people (Israelites) from their dwelling to meet with God. Meeting with God connotes that, God will come down from His throne v. 20. Secondly, He will tell us what to do and not do v. 21. Thirdly, God will check whether we sanctify ourselves before meeting us. In today’s Bible reading, God came down from heaven to Mount Sinai to meet Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites. The people came from their camp to meet with God. It means Christian should recognize that any time we come together to meet with God, He always comes down from heaven to fellowship with us. Again, God told Moses and ask him to charge the people not to come near the mountain. Lastly, God wants the priests to sanctify themselves before meeting Him.

This should come to our notice and hearing that, we don’t just come to meet God and begin to do whatever we like, we should recognize His presence that He is among us. Some people come to His presence and begin to discuss irrelevant things, some pressing phone, and some reading books. Any time we are coming to meet with God, prepare your heart that He is coming down to fellowship with us. Also, when coming to meet with God, know that He will teach and tell you what to do from the Word of God. Lastly, always abstain from sin and sanctify yourselves before you can meet with God.




  1. Pray that God should give you a new heart that will follow His instruction.

  2. Tell Jesus to help you abstain from entangling sin.

  3. My Father in heaven, I want to meet with you in my daily life.

  4. Lord Jesus, allow your Word to dwell in me every day of my life.

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