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Romans 6:12-18

Psalm 124

Luke 12:39-48


“What is the secret of your happiness?” someone asked me some time ago. And all my mind could go to was Psalm 90:12 which says, “Teach us to number our days that we may become wise.” The beauty of numbering your days and knowing that you do not have all the time in the world is that you are more purposeful, focused, more consistent and you are able to do the most important things while you still have time. Yes, your mind may drift, your attention may be cut short, and you may dabble in ‘replacement sins’ (like sexting in place of fornication and adultery) but when you remember that time is of the essence, you regain focus. This is the basis for today’s readings.

St Paul tells us to allow the law of obedience to God to lead us to righteousness. The alternative is to allow the law of sin to enslave us and lead us to eternal death. If you are enslaved by sin, then there is no hope—no happy ending. If you are a slave or servant of righteousness, then you are being prepared for the divine reward which God confers on those who love Him. The choice between good and evil is a battle and the battle is real. The person in sin does not realise that he or she is dead and a slave to their inclinations. But when such a person is brought back to life in Baptism and self-surrender to God, they become agents and weapons of righteousness in God’s hands to enthrone God’s reign on earth. A lot of people will consider this to be hard work. You are working either way. You either channel your energy, strength and talent to promote evil or towards promoting good. Which are you using your strength and talent for?

Jesus calls those who use their gifts well, “faithful and wise”. “Happy that servant if his master’s arrival finds him at his employment. I tell you truly, he will place him over everything he owns”. But the one who goes about doing as he or she pleases (in the name of ‘enjoying themselves’), they are slaves to their bodily passions and their master will come on a day they do not expect. What about those who through no fault of theirs, do not know Christ? The scriptures say that they shall receive fewer strokes. But you who have heard of Christ (and you are reading this reflection) and you choose to continue in sin, will receive a great deal of beating (eternal punishment).

God loves you and He has revealed Himself to you. You have a duty to bring others to Him. Help them see that they are children of God and cannot continue as slaves to sin and unrighteousness. We all have to make progress on the path of righteousness and peace. May God continue to bless you through Christ our Lord. Amen.




  1. Dear Lord, thank you for a brand-new day. I offer to You my mind, my soul and my body. May I be a veritable instrument in Your hands to discharge my duties in obedience to Your will and so reign with You forever through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may God grant you peace, serenity, compassion and presence of mind to build, strengthen and uplift others as God lifts you up daily through Christ our Lord.

  3. Lord Jesus, You desire for me to know, love and serve You and so find lasting peace and happiness. Make your desire mine. Let my thoughts, words and actions draw me closer to you and rid me of fear and anxiety. Amen.

  4. Lord, help me to make progress in my life and journey towards heaven. I pray for strength to live and love you and my neighbour like today is all I have. Amen.

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