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Today’s Reading:

Prov. 10:19-21 (21)

"The lips of the righteous feed and guide many, But fools [who reject God and His wisdom] die for lack of understanding." (v. 21. AMPV)


The Book of Proverbs talked extensively about the use of our tongue at different times and what good or damage it can be to a life, community or to ourselves. It is also a known fact that those who talk too much exhibit their ignorance and they easily run into trouble (v.17; 13:3); also, our words express our thinking. It is wisdom to restrain the use of our tongue because words spoken at such period will not make us commit sin (v. 19).

What the righteous man says at all times are valuable (v.20). Good words are scarce, precious, and valuable.

The advice to us is that, it is wisdom to be economical with our spoken words.

An old adage says that "Shallow streams make most noise; still waters run deep." Meaning that the people who make most noise, usually have little or no substance to say. The problem here is that we do not listen attentively when others talk. When we listen to others talk, we do not silence our thoughts and truly listen. It is wisdom to train our hearts to listen and be still when another person is talking. The fact is that there is a time to be silent, and a time to talk (Eccl. 3:7). Good silence is a listening and humble silence; it leads to right hearing, right understanding, and right speaking. "The purpose of a man's heart are deep waters; but anyone with insight will draw out of it” (Prov. 20:5). And it takes patient and a lot of hard listening to get to the bottom of it.

While listening attentively to others, we should also learn to listen in our spirit to hear what God has to say. This reminds one of the story of the woman caught in adultery (Jn. 8:1-11). While the Pharisees were busy railing accusations on her; Jesus was busy writing on the dust. It is suggested that could be at that moment, He was listening to the Father with rapt attention asking and listening to God's verdict on the issue. God's response through Jesus is being echoed and heard around the world till today. A well-timed silence is more eloquent than words.



  1. Father, teach and empower me to always listen to you when talking to others, give me understanding of others’ heart, in Jesus name.

  2. Divine revelations, spiritual visions, dreams, and information will not become scares commodities in my life, in Jesus name.

  3. Every authority and embargo of failure over my breakthroughs/miracles, expire, in Jesus name.

  4. Father let there be universal unity and harmony of purpose in Your Church to match the Church forward, in Jesus name.

  5. Every stronghold of iniquity and wickedness in our nations, be shattered into pieces, in Jesus name.

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